3 Different Types of E-Cigarettes: A Beginner’s Guide

With an increased popularity of e-cigarettes or vapes in the market these days, at times it becomes overwhelming to figure out the types and the right one for yourself, especially if you are a beginner. Electronic cigarettes are devices that operate through a battery and emits a vaporized solution that is ready to be inhaled. That vaporized solution has nicotine present in it. The main purpose is to provide the consumer a sensation or feeling of consuming tobacco smoke without the smoke. Shaped like pen, stigs at Miami beach comes in a range of shapes and flavor.

The vaporized liquid tastes and smells fruity and consists a high amount of nicotine in it. E-cigarettes are usually made up of following:

  • A mouthpiece at the end of the tube or pipe that allows the vaporized content to emit out.
  • An atomizer that works in heating the liquid solution inside the tube until it vaporizes so that the person can inhale it easily,
  • The battery and the sensor, provide power and sign to activate the tube to heat up and vaporize the element once the consumer sucks the device.
  • The solution, that includes nicotine in a high amount. The e-liquid also contains propylene glycol that is flavored.

The moment the user sucks on to the device, e-cigarette starts heating to vaporize the solution so that the consumer vapes or inhales it. There are many exotic flavors available these days when it comes to e-cigarettes, one can choose from a variety of stigs at Miami beach.

Different Types of E-cigarettes

Normal cigarettes are all almost of the same type but e-cigarettes are a bit different. They come in different shapes and sizes with a wide range of flavors. It added to the popularity and the surge in people consuming e-cigarettes. Let us explore the different types of e-cigarettes available in the market these days.


These electronic cigarette devices are very similar to traditional cigarettes in shape and size, also colored to look like one. Cig-a -likes are the first generation e-cigs and their small size used to put a lot of restrictions on the performance of consumers until next generation devices were introduced. They are compact and light weight, easy to use for beginners to begin smoking with.

Vape Pen

Second generation of e-cigarettes known as vape pens are larger than first generation e-cigs. They have refillable tanks that allows users to refill liquids of their choice whenever they want. The larger space also accommodates more vape solution that lasts longer throughout the day. It also has better battery power and atomizer abilities.


The third generation of e-cigarettes, Mods are the most advanced technology of vaporized devices. Mods let you customize your experience the way you want. It comes with various settings and features that allows you to customize the perfect vape for yourself. With a high battery capacity and a wide range of choice of atomizers along with inexpensive prices, make it the most popular choice of e-cigarettes among users.

From above mentioned information, beginners and other users can easily figure out their choice of e-cigarettes as per their requirements.

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