Rechargeable Vs. Disposable E-Cigs: Which Makes More Sense To Buy?

Whether you are using a disposable or rechargeable vape pen, you may wonder whether the type of pen you are using is better financially. Disposable vape pens means you are paying for a bundle of inexpensive pens, but a reusable vape pen costs more money, with the trade-off of owners getting to reuse it again and again without throwing it away.

 Of course, each type of vape pen has that appeal in saving money, but what other advantages do disposable vape pens and rechargeable vape pens have over one another? Allow us to explain all the benefits that each type of vape pen has so that you can make an informed decision on which to choose moving forward.


 Pens such as the HQD Rosy disposable vape pens come pre-filled. Once you buy and receive a disposable vape pen, it’s ready to use with minimal setup or prep work. There is nothing to charge or fill, so they are simple to handle. This makes the disposable vape pen an entry-level pen that is easy to use for newcomers to determine whether or not vaping is for them.

 Disposable pens are also ideal for occasional vapers. As disposable vapes come in packs of multiple pens, the user can decide to take out a pen and vape every now and then, rather than vaping on a frequent basis. Since disposable vapes already come with juice, this makes them much more convenient to these users.

 These vape pens are cheap primarily because they do not have any rechargeable components inside of them. This also makes it cheaper to produce for companies, and thus, they are available in larger supply compared to rechargeable vape pens.


 Rechargeable pens are great in the sense that users can get better “draws” or “hits” by vaping with one. It can take a disposable pen more hits to experience the same strength and flavor. This makes the rechargeable pen more capable, but of course, it runs on a lithium battery.

 Recharging the battery, however, means you do not need to buy additional vape pens. And while you do need to buy e-liquid cartridges to keep using the pen, there is no limit to what e-juice flavors you can use. You can buy a variety of flavors and pick whatever cartridge you want to use at that point in time.

 Whereas disposable vape pens are more widely available, there is arguably more variety when it comes to e-liquid flavors you can use for a rechargeable pen. You can buy cartridges from several different companies and merchants that offer unique flavors and they are all sure to work with one recharge vape pen.

 What Determines Which Type Of Vape Pen Is The Better Value?

 Both types can be considered expensive or affordable, depending on one key factor, which is frequency of use.

 Reusable vape pens come with bigger upfront costs, but if you tend to vape on a constant basis, you’ll save money over time compared to constantly buying disposable e-cigs. While you still need to buy e-juice, this juice is even cheaper than a pack of disposable pens, and you will still have your reusable pen on hand.

 Disposable pens make sense fiscally if you are not looking to vape as often. You only buy the pens themselves and you won’t need to order anything extra to vape. You can order just one pack of pens and they can last a number of months, but with one caveat being that you are typically limited to just one flavor, unless you spend more to receive more.

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