Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Disposable Stigs As Your Vaping Device

Presently, people are turning to electronic cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaping devices to quit the traditional cigarettes. Smoking e-cigarettes or simply seeking a minimalistic solution to vaping offers a wide range of health benefits in the long run. The continuous urge for vaping and the increased demand has resulted in a revival of the vaping industry. As a result, people are seeing the introduction of improved vaping devices and e-liquid flavors for their smoking. There are a number of vaping devices available in the vaping industry, and one of the best disposable devices is the stigs. The STIG is created for those who want a minimalistic solution to vaping. The small pod device has a low wattage batter filled with an e-liquid formula with a nicotine blend. The e-liquid used inside the stigs is a vape juice made with salt and nicotine blend. The common misconception of vaping is that this is used as an alternative to smoking. But this stigs not only provides a unique vaping experience to smokers but also to non-smokers. There are several reasons why one should turn to vape devices instead of traditional cigarettes. Let’s take a look at the following:

1. It Doesn’t Have A Nasty Smell

The traditional tobacco or cigarette users emit an unappealing smell of the smoke. Sometimes it lingers on the clothing, hands, and hair of the person who is smoking. Especially people who’re cigar smokers might have experienced this unappealing smell of smoking for hours after having one cigar. Sometimes it becomes nauseating for people. So, it’s best to shift to the stig pod which doesn't produce this nasty smell. This is the commonly cited reason for most smokers to shift to vaping. There is a range of flavors one can choose for their e-liquid blend and enjoy the sweet smell while vaping. There are stigs Miami Beach smoke shops available where one can get a variety of fruit and herb flavors to enhance the taste.

2. You can Control the Nicotine Intake

The amount of nicotine blend used in vaping devices is much less as compared to the amount used in traditional tobacco. Traditional cigarettes have a certain percentage of tobacco that people intake every time they inhale. Generally, people don’t have any idea as to how much percentage of tobacco they’re smoking with each cigar. But, one of the major benefits of vaping is that one can control the amount of nicotine intake. The e-liquids have a variety in terms of nicotine strengths, and one can choose their blend according to their own preferences.

3. These are Cost-Effective

The vaping devices are much affordable as compared to traditional cigarettes. The initial costs may seem a little expensive, but in the long run, these are far more cost-effective ways for smoking. So, people can save their hundreds of dollars in a year when they opt for the vaping devices

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