A simple guide on how to choose a hookah

There are so many factors you need to consider before you buy a hookah such as materials, height, number of hoses, and price. This guide will help you choose the best hookah according to your needs.


Hookah Materials

Some people might argue that solid brass pipes are the best. They are heavy, solid, and last for a long period. While they do oxidize, they never corrode. The problem with brass pipes is that you need to polish them on a regular base to maintain their shine and luster. Other people prefer the combination of stainless steel with copper. But there are some issues with steel. There are few manufacturers that use good quality steel. Usually, low-quality steel is used which is electroplated on the outside with nickel. This makes it vulnerable to corrosion and rusting.

Hookah Height

The height of the hookah is mostly dependent on your preference. Experienced hookah users prefer height between 28inch to 32inches. This range of height is easy to handle. However, many people who travel a lot prefer a smaller hookah. Someone who wants to enjoy hookah on their outdoor patio may want a tall hookah that can be placed on the floor right next to a high table.

Height does play an important role in performance. A larger vase and stem will hold more smoke and produce more smoke upon inhaling. This doesn’t mean small hookah doesn’t make smoke, in fact, there are plenty of small hookahs that make extremely well smoke.

Hookah Hose Options

If you need a hookah for a party, then one with 4 hoses is the best option for you but there is a downside to using a hookah with multiple hoses. The more hoses, the more the performance goes down and it becomes difficult for the hookah to make smoke.

The reason why they are so unmanageable is that every person that has a home has to plug the tip when they are not smoking. If the hose isn’t plugged, the person who is inhaling won’t get enough smoke.

Nowadays, hookahs with multiple hoses do come with a rubber stopper, which makes it easy to convert the hookah back to one hose. If you want something more manageable, you can opt for a modern hookah that comes with a built-in check valve system.

Hookah Prices

If you are looking for a traditional hookah, they are much costlier and sometimes fall short of expectations because of the visible weld lines and imperfect finishing work.

If you are on a budget and want something cheap, look for a small and with one hose. They are usually cheaper than the ones made using brass and have multiple hoses.

The price will depend on the height, material, and the number of hoses you want in your hookah.
Choosing the right hookah is tough, but you can make your job easy but keeping the above-mentioned points in mind while buying a hookah.

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