Vaping to Quit Smoking

If there is one fact that we all know, it is that smoking is dangerous. But is vaping products from the best vape shop a viable alternative?

Not only does smoking cause you to suffer from chronic diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease, a smoking habit will finally kill you. Smoke has hundreds of harmful chemicals and carcinogens which cause a myriad of diseases.

Even with all the bad news that smoking brings, many people still find it difficult to quit because of the high concentration of the addictive substance, nicotine.

Vaping vs Smoking

Most people have turned to vaping as a way to quit smoking and escape the many dangers of cigarette smoking.

Vaping products from the best smoke shop contain lesser doses of nicotine and fewer harmful toxins that you ingest as a result of tobacco burning.

Studies have shown that vaping can also be 90% cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

How Vaping Can Help You to Effectively Quit Smoking

Vaping has helped many people quit smoking with much more effectiveness than other methods such as cold turkey, stop smoking medications, and therapies for nicotine replacement.

The cold turkey method involves suddenly quitting smoking without any kind of support. This mode of quitting is very dangerous and mostly unsuccessful because it causes withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine replacement therapies and smoking medications have better rates of success than cold turkey for those who want to quit smoking but do not guarantee long-term results either.

The reason why vaping is attractive to many potential smoking quitters is that you get to keep your smoking habit. You can keep your socializing habits and your routine, only now you have less nicotine and toxins going into your system.

Surviving The First Two Weeks of Your Quitting Journey

The first two weeks are usually the hardest to beat when you are trying to get set yourself free from tobacco. With the right support, however, you can easily get through it.

The first step is to find a reliable vape store where you can get recommendations on the best products to begin with. It may take time before you identify what works for you in terms of devices, nicotine strength and flavor, so be patient with the process.

You also need to be prepared to savor a different taste than you are used to. Within two days, however, you should get used to it. E-liquid has a peppery taste, for example, which could give you a bit of a throat hit.

Ensure that your vape device is always charged. The last thing you need to worry about is a flat battery when you want to carry out your next vaping session!

Talk to Others

You are not alone in your journey of vaping to quit. Support is crucial when you want to quit smoking.  Join one of the many online support groups or groups in your local area. Listen to those who have managed to quit through vaping and find out how they did it.

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