How to get most smoke out of your hookah?

Getting the most smoke out of your hookah is an amazing hookah smoking skill. To get the most smoke, you need to understand the factors that play a role in the amount of smoke created from a hookah.

How to get more hookah smoke?

Tobacco brand

Tobacco is the most important factor that determines the amount of smoke. Modern tobacco utilizes glycerin in its blends that produce a large amount of smoke compared to the more classic style of tobacco. This is why you should bye tobacco from the best smoke shop if you want to enjoy large smoke clouds.

The Hookah Itself

The hookah is another important factor. Here is the list of points you need to take care of while choosing a hookah

  1. Vase: A large vase allows more room for the water which prevents is from getting sucked up in the hose. The shape of the vase doesn’t affect the amount of smoke but it can definitely affect the experience.
  2. Stem: if your hookah is tall, it makes it difficult to draw. Find a balance between the thickness and height of the stem for a good hookah session. Some people like a tighter draw, while others prefer no resistance. It is a matter of personal preference. The only thing that everyone should keep in mind is that, if the hookah is small, the smoke won't get enough time to cool and you may get a warmer smoke.
  3. Hose: A long has the same effect as a long stem. You need to put more energy to get a good amount of smoke. Again, it comes to personal preferences.
  4. Bowl: Different bowls have different properties. Some are made using materials that have varying heat retaining properties, which depends on how you pack your bowl and manage your coal.

Packing The Tobacco Right

It is important to pack your tobacco properly if you want to get a large amount of smoke. Most tobacco is not hard to pack. In other words, don’t push the tobacco when preparing the bowl. Some hookahs don’t allow good airflow when the tobacco is packed densely. This prevents tobacco from cooking evenly and completely.
In short, sprinkle the tobacco in the bowl to leave space for good airflow.

Aluminum Foil and Holes

1.Type of foil: heavy-duty foil is better than regular foil because it prevents the tobacco from burning by regulating the heat. Some people use two layers of regular foil.

  • A number of holes: Too few holes don’t allow enough air to flow through the foil and make it hard to pull the smoke. Too many holes will burn the tobacco faster. The number of holes depends on the size of the bowl. But a general rule of thumb is, make a hole in the center and 3 concentric circles with holes close to each other are ideal for proper airflow.
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