Tips to Buy Hookah from an Online Hookah Store

If you are looking for a Hookah Store to buy a sheesha for your collection or a house party, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to consider to buy the best hookah.

Read these tips to make an informed choice.

Choosing between modern or traditional hookah

Modern hookahs are made on assembly line production using modern techniques. The materials used to construct these are light weight so that they are easy to ship in various parts of the world. Depending upon price points, you can find basic hookahs or more ornate ones at your online Hookah Store.

Traditional hookahs, on the other hand, are constructed using heavier material and are usually made by hand. They are usually made from brass with a combination of steel to give it heavy-duty conventional appeal. These type of hookahs are generally preferred by collectors who want to add its unique hand-made antiquity to their collection.

Choosing between the two mainly depends on the purpose of your hookah. Are you planning to use it for a sheesha party with friends or do you like to add vintage looking, ornamental hookahs to your collection? The answer to this question will help you decide how to choose the best hookah for your needs.

However, this is not where it ends. There are also other considerations that you need to keep in mind.


According to most hookah connoisseurs, they will almost unanimously agree that the best ones are made from solid brass pipes. Since they are made from such sturdy materials, they tend to last you a lifetime. They may oxidize over the years but never corrode. In fact, this oxidized hookah only adds on to its vintage appeal.

However, you can also look at variants made from quality stainless steel. But most hookah manufacturers often use the electroplating technique where they mix low-quality stainless steel with nickel on the exterior. This makes the interior of the hookah vulnerable to corrosion. So, if you are buying a low-cost hookah, at least make sure that the manufacturer has electroplated both interior and exterior to give you long-lasting smoking device.

Hookah height

It is crucial to choose the right height for hookah to get the best experience. Ideally, you can choose between 28-32 inches which is a gives you adequate performance with ease of handling. However, if you are someone who will be traveling with your hookah a lot, then you must consider something smaller.

Not many people know this but height plays an important role in its performance. A large vase will be able to hold and produce more smoke upon inhaling, giving you better experience.  

Keep all these points in mind and remember, you get what you pay for. If the price of your hookah is ridiculously low, then expect to get substandard quality. At the same time, high price is no indication of good quality. Just balance the price of hookah with the abovementioned factors to find the perfect one.

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