Rubii Vape Shop - Best Vape prices in Coral Gables and Miami Beach!

"Rubii Smoke Shop is for sure one of the best vape shops in Coral Gable I've been shopping at. They also have a second shop in Miami Beach! They have the best prices and their team is very helpful and they understand your needs. Anna was the lady I was talking to, she is the sweetest thing ever, very knowledgeable on basically all of their products in store and on their website website. They also have a bunch of promotions, so often you will be more than surprised with some great deals at the! Some nice Fume vapes you can find there. If you didnt try it, please do, my favorite is Fume Ultra. And the flavors?! Gosh! Delicious! Visit their store online, you won't be disappointed." - Michael G.

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