Rubii Smoke Shop - Best Smoke & Vape Shop in Miami Ever!

I love this place!

"I was looking for an online store with vape products, and Rubii Smoke Shop has everything! If you are looking for vapes, or anything else this is the website to visit. Their team was super friendly and knowledgeable of all the products that they had for sale. I wasn't in need of anything at the time but did end up purchasing new Fume vape Blue Razz, to see what they were all about. I had an overall great experience and left the website knowing more about some products that I used to know before. I will definitely be back to see what's new the next time I visit" - John G.


Love it! Love it!

"I hate it if Im not an expert in a specific subject. It's my fatal flaw. So I'm always worried about browsing websites with vape products. I am so far from being any kind of expert on anything, and I have no idea what is a good vape web shop. Until I found Its the best experience I ever had with an online store in Miami! Their sales team is knowledgeable and helped me get familiar with the products in their store. I love the experience!"- J.J.


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